Stuck? Get back to your goals

karina hogan

The first session with a Life Coach can unlock some pretty interesting an poignant information.

A Lifestyle Catalyst Session (LCS), this initial download of information, often gives clients a feeling of hope, possibility and a clearer picture of how their life can be different.

Through questions, listening and reflection, a life coach can help clients identify what’s important personally and professionally and what they want to change. We look at any stops, blocks and challenges and types of support the individual may need to achieve the lifestyle transformation they seek.

In some cases, a LCS can delightfully reveal that you are in fact on the ‘right track’ to achieving your goals, but you might just need a little help to recognise it!

This recently happened to ‘Jane’, who primarily came to me because she was unhappy, disconnected and depressed. As we talked, she disclosed that she’d moved to the region a few months ago and had progressed with a company into a satisfactory role.

When she recalled that this was a lifestyle goal that she’d set five years ago, it was like a spark went off! Jane discovered that she’d been so caught up in negotiating the ‘speed humps of life’ and feeling overwhelmed in the moment that she couldn’t recognise that she was in fact moving forward, just as she’d planned!

The LCS session gave Jane tremendous clarity and she’s now pumped for new possibilities, dreams and desires. Her mindset had totally changed.

Just like Jane, sometimes we can all feel like we’re treading water and just ‘surviving’; it’s hard to notice the good things happening around you. Time spent with a life coach is just one way you can positively shift your focus and change your reality.

Karina Hogan is a Life Coach with a Dip of Life Coaching, a NLP Practitioner and a Public Speaker. She runs Transformational Retreats, Hands On Workshops and 1:1 Life Coaching. This is part two of her four-part series.